Our commitment to children and families is to provide healing and growth so individuals can lead productive lives. Our efforts are governed by the principles of a positive attitude, trust, respect, and honesty through cooperative teamwork.

the concept of right and wrong are both valid and teachable in that every child has goodness and strength, regardless of their needs.

WE BELIEVE... in creating a safe and structured environment so that children and youths can believe in themselves and become all that they can be.

WE BELIEVE... in discipline based upon love and care in an effort to promote positive emotional growth.

WE BELIEVE... commitment through cooperative teamwork is the key to unlocking inner strengths and achieving identified goals.

WE BELIEVE... the Tri-Wil experience will make a difference in the life of a child.
  Treatment   Experiential Education
Tri-Wil Inc., takes a holistic approach to the treatment of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. Treatment is provided through the utilization of a therapeutic milieu. The therapeutic environment includes individualized treatment plans, utilizing a multi-disciplinary team, individualized educational services, recreational therapy, experiential education, and student participation in the treatment community.

The therapeutic program is a structured environment that requires the child's active participation. It is based on the concept that youths still seek the challenge and adventure of positive growth. The environment is structured according to a social learning theory concept; i.e., role modeling, parenting, and teaching. Individual and group counseling using insight-oriented processes is designed to work through the dynamics of the child's problems.

A multi-disciplinary team including psychiatrist, social worker, counselor, house parent, special educator, and other staff facilitate the integration of these approaches. Clinical staff meetings consolidate and integrate these techniques to develop a functional individual plan of treatment to meet the needs of the child.