Our commitment to children and families is to provide healing and growth so individuals can lead productive lives. Our efforts are governed by the principles of a positive attitude, trust, respect, and honesty through cooperative teamwork.

the concept of right and wrong are both valid and teachable in that every child has goodness and strength, regardless of their needs.

WE BELIEVE... in creating a safe and structured environment so that children and youths can believe in themselves and become all that they can be.

WE BELIEVE... in discipline based upon love and care in an effort to promote positive emotional growth.

WE BELIEVE... commitment through cooperative teamwork is the key to unlocking inner strengths and achieving identified goals.

WE BELIEVE... the Tri-Wil experience will make a difference in the life of a child.
Academic instruction at Porta Cras School takes place in a classroom environment with low pupil/teacher ratio. Students experiencing difficulty in the classroom receive one-on-one instruction to promote academic success.

The staff works together to promote a positive learning environment with the goal of returning students to a public school setting. To foster learning, positive reinforcement is a vital technique incorporated into the curriculum.

Behavioral and academic goals are developed for each student based on his/her strengths and needs. Students are instructed in areas which improve both their behavioral and social skills. This focus promotes the opportunity for students to respect not only themselves but also others.

Porta-Cras employs full-time Emotional Conflict teachers, aides, and behavioral assistants/counselors. Tri-Wil believes that behavior and academics go hand-in-hand and that success in one area leads to success in other areas. Academic subjects are geared toward current student population served. The school year follows the local public school calender and consists of the required 175 days. There is also a summer school program.

Porta Cras School is a licensed private school by the State of Alabama, State Department of Education, and the Department of Human Resources.